BOINC 5.2.13


Ormai ne esce quasi una versione al giorno, ed oggi siamo arrivati alla 5.2.13.

La segnalo perchè magari qualcuno distratto si è dimenticato di aggiornare il Boinc, comunque già da domani suggerisco di controllare la presenza di nuove versioni.

Riporto i cambiamenti:

  • Dial-up features now work with all installation types.
  • The BOINC Manager can now be controlled using only the keyboard.
  • You attach to projects using your own email address and password. Long, random ”account keys” are no longer used.
  • BOINC checks for proxy configuration problems when you first attach to a project.
  • The file gui_rpc_auth.cfg contains a password that protects the BOINC client from control by other users on the same host. BOINC automatically generates a password if none is found. If you use tools like BOINCView you may need to look it up or change it. If you need to revert from 5.2.x to an earlier version, you must delete gui_rpc_auth.cfg from your BOINC directory.
  • Alert boxes now provide feedback when certain errors occur.
  • BOINC supports ”Account Management Systems” (to be announced).



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